Florida Traffic Tickets

Florida Traffic Tickets

Civil Traffic Offenses – Keep the Points Off Your Florida License

•Civil Traffic Offenses are civil infractions which result from the violation of state, county or municipal laws or ordinances.
•Florida Traffic tickets for speeding and other violations do not carry criminal penalties, but they still have the ability to impact your driving record and your life. Points against your driver’s license for a traffic ticket will typically cause an increase in your insurance rates.
•If you pay the ticket, you are pleading guilty to a traffic violation, and you could be facing fines, points, higher insurance rates and/or other penalties.
•Too many points can result in license suspension or revocation.
•In Tallahassee and throughout Florida, a moving violation is a traffic offense, that is committed in a moving vehicle. A conviction for a moving violation may result in three to six points to your driving record.
•If you get 12 points within 12 months, your license will be suspended for at least 30 days. If you accumulate additional points after getting your license back, you could lose your driving privileges for up to a year.
•You may be tempted to simply pay the fine or attend traffic school to deal with the ticket, but you have another option: FIGHT THE TICKET!
•Defending your record and your driver’s license from unnecessary consequences is worth the small price associated with hiring an attorney for your Florida traffic ticket defense.
•You can fight your ticket by hiring a lawyer and requesting a court date.
•By hiring Willard/Hurley Trial Lawyers you can ensure that you will receive knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket defense. We will handle your case for you, generally without the need to come to our office or go to the courthouse.
•Fighting the ticket to keep a clean record is especially important if you’re a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license.
•Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to avoid:
-Traffic School
-Court Appearance
-Increased Insurance rates

Willard / Hurley Trial Lawyers can assist you with the following traffic tickets and more:

•Careless driving
•Driving with expired registration
•Speeding in a construction zone
•Speeding in a school zone
•Speeding Tickets (30+ mandatory Court Hearing)
•Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
•Failure to yield right-of-way
•Failure to have liability insurance
•Failure to stop for a siren
•Passing a stopped school bus
•Running a red light
•Running a stop sign
•Red Light Camera Violations

•Violation of Traffic Control Device
•Seat Belt Violations
•Running a stop sign
•Failing to use required child restraints
•Driving with an open container of alcohol
•Driving after consuming alcohol (if the driver is under 21)

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